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Tantu pashan Tablets 



• Reestablishes normal neuronal activities


• Non sedative & safe for day time use


• Safe for long term use







Each tablet contains

Sanskrit Name

Botanical Name


MarichaPiper nigrum berry

180 mg

ChavyaPiper chabab stem

80 mg

Tantu Pashan Bhasma*  

140 mg

Presentation: Blister pack of 12 X 10s


Indications: Grandmal, Petitimal, Focal epilepsy, Myoclonic jerks.


Dosage :


A. Massive Dose                        No. of Days     No. of Tablets

With Pathya (Diet)


4 tabs morning + 4 tabs evening    3 days                 24

3 tabs morning + 3 tabs evening    7 days                 42


TOTAL                                       10 days                 66



B. Maintenance Dose

Without Pathya


1 tab morning + 1 tabs evening      30 days                 60


TOTAL                                         40 days                126



Pathya :

During massive dose of 10 days the patient should avoid Salt, sour, chillies and spices in the food. He can however take Rice, Chapatti, Roti, Bhakri, Sweet Bread, Ragi Balls, Ghee, Jaggery or Sugar, Tender Coconut Water, Rava Kheer, Shira, Sweet Fruits like Apple, Chikku, `Banana etc. Coffee or Tea is allowed in moderation. Plenty of milk (about 1 liter a day) and ghee are recommended to counter the stomach irritation that may be caused by Maricha. Milk and Ghee also help better absorption of TANTU PASHAN. The patients are free to take their normal diet when maintenance dose is given.

If the patient is taking any anticonvulsant the same has to be continued along with Tantu Pashan therapy till appreciable results are noticed. Anticonvulsant drugs may be gradually tapered off as improvement with Tantu Pashan is noticed.